Sukanya’s Art

How does an Idea take hold?

This is my new paper cut series. Each paper cut was painstakingly hand cut and these are arranged on a white canvas. These are cut out of a recyclable industrial material called tyvek.

My artwork has repeating motifs of negative space determining the positive space. I think of it as sculpting with paper.

In this day and age, an abstract belief can catch on fire and spread across communities much faster and more efficiently than a couple of years ago. How does social change take place? How do ideas grow within communities and how do we normalize new concepts? These are the questions I am trying to pose through this series.


    I am an interdisciplinary artist with a passion in science, anthropology and philosophy.

    I take complex ideas from those fields, build stories around them and present them in a visual art form. While my brain enjoys reading and gathering information about science, philosophy and anthropology, my heart weaves them into visual stories that I then present to the viewer.

   As a self taught artist, I tried learning various techniques of creating aesthetically pleasing artworks. My interest in anthropology lead me to learn the ancient folk art forms as a visual language. I studied and experimented with “Warli,” an ancient Indian art form, Australian aboriginal dot art and Egyptian hieroglyphics. The simple two dimensional renditions let me tell stories in a playful, yet pleasing manner. I have a clear visual goal and these rules challenge me to constantly edit my work until it is distilled to the simplest form of communication. I am currently experimenting by transferring my compositions into metallic, three dimensional, textured surfaces and ephemeral paper art installations.

   My current series “What lies beneath” is a paper-cut assemblage that explores themes of status, career and power and how barriers prevent women from achieving their full potential. I create 3- dimensional artwork out of delicate, intricately cut paper that is suspended within the frame in multiple layers.



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