Symbols & Stories: In Search of Lost Women

We are Jeane Vogel & Sukanya Mani, two artists who are creating artwork focusing on alternate views of history that focus on women’s stories and women’s symbols, dating to pre-history.

Our journey begins in Ireland in September 2018, where we will collaborate with artists to exchange stories and explore the symbolism of female myth, lore, and stories that are deeply embedded in our respective cultures. 

Our plan is to create new art, collaborate with Irish artists, organize workshops and story-telling sessions, dive deeply into the myths and lore of women that have been hidden or discounted over time. Jeane and Sukanya will each will use their own art media, artistic expression, and cultural interpretations to gather information, create a body of work, and showcase it. Together with our Irish artist collaborators, we will find venues for the work. We will collect and include a reaction piece from the community as part of the exhibit.

Artist Jeane Vogel will use photography to document the process and get a sense of the space. She will also use mixed media and weft-faced tapestry to explore ancient stories. Jeane is interested in exploring the symbols and signs that foremothers left us to tell their stories, and how those stories have been translated and transformed into today’s cultural touchpoints. Ireland is especially rich in woman symbolism, and its culture has allowed ancient stories to be retold in modern religious practice and mythology. Jeane plans to incorporate her study of ancient Native American symbolism with Irish and “modern Western” symbolism of women in her work.

Artist Sukanya Mani is interested in contemporary stories told through ancient art forms. Sukanya has been exploring retelling the ancient stories and finding connections to the contemporary lifestyles of women today. She wants to study why certain artistic decisions were made in storytelling of the female in the past and bring it into a modern context. She uses tyvek paper, acrylic paints and delicate papercut techniques to retell these stories.

Our works intersect where the ancient and the modern meet. We hope to create new work building on new connections with better understanding of where the common themes lie among these cultures.

Thank you for coming along.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



Author: jeanevogelart

Art saves lives. That's my mantra and my motivation. My primary purpose as an artist is to inspire, entertain, make you smile, make you mad, make you think or recall a memory. I strive for work that is intimate and genuine, and sometimes whimsical. It's always more than a "pretty picture." I demand a relationship.

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